Snowflex Break into the African Market

Good news for all those who want to snowboard all year around, but can’t afford the flights to Europe or North America, the best UK export since Guinness is on it’s way to South Africa, with artificial slopes on the horizon for Joburg, Cape Town, Bloem’ and Durban.

If you haven’t ridden dryslope before, it’s a different challenge to snow, but the constant feel of the surface and the ability to use it 365 days a year is one of the reasons riders from the UK and the Netherlands are getting up to par with our European and American Cousins.

Check out the press release from Snowflex, we are in contact with the snowflex team so will hopefully bring you more news as it becomes available and maybe even sort out a competition or two when the surfaces are down..can’t wait to shred the shopping malls!!

Kev Mills Tombstone @ Warmwell Ski Centre. © 2008 Ru V

Kev Mills Tombstone @ Warmwell Ski Centre. © 2008 Ru V

Briton Engineering Developments are pleased to announce the first Snowflex® slope to be built in South Africa. The 50 x 9m “taster slope” will be built at Cedar Square Shopping Mall in Johannesburg.

The idea of building a “taster” ski slope began a year ago when Avalanche Holdings (Pty) Ltd were approached by the Georgiou Group to investigate the potential of snowsports to attract more visitors to their shopping malls. Avalanche Holdings (Pty) Ltd, who will operate the slope, hope this to be the first of many to be built around Southern Africa and also hope to build a fully fledged Snowflex® slope at one of their resorts.

“We know real snow and snow making because of our experience and knowledge of Tiffindell Ski resort but we needed to research the market to understand the best synthetic solution for us” said David Taylor of Avalanche Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

“We have spent the past year looking at the alternatives and found that Snowflex® really has no competition. It offers us, and the Georgiou Group, a fantastic opportunity to attract customers to Cedar Square. We are also looking to install slopes at Loch Logan in Bloemfontein, as well as malls in Cape Town and Durban. We also see huge opportunities for the rest of Southern Africa” said Colin Robinson, CEO of Avalanche Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

The snowsports area at Cedar Square will consist of a single slope totalling 511m2 and is designed to offer sessions for beginners and experts alike. In addition to ski and snowboard instruction, the slope will also accommodate kids tubing. A removal big kicker is also being built by Briton for exhibition sessions.

Avalanche Holdings (Pty) Ltd will also be offering customers the opportunity to hold parties and other special events with their adjoining café, bar and restaurant. Construction is due to begin in May with an anticipated grand opening during June, 2009.

After his recent visit to Johannesburg and Bloemfontein Terry Di Stasi, Briton’s Director of Business Development, stated that Briton was delighted to be part of such an impressive roll out project and added that a Snowflex® slope would undoubtedly add to all the shopping mall’s appeal. Di Stasi added that this first project would be seen as a prominent showroom for Snowflex® throughout Southern Africa.

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