Carpet of Death

A couple of people have asked why I’m so exited about the prospect of dryslope in South Africa, well below is a film from the standing sideways crew who have been on the UK scene for years, this is a great snap shot of UK artificial slope talent..and why I think plastic in SA will be great..

dryslope and snowdome snowboard film commisioned by jeremy sladen of ‘the snowboard asylum’, part of ellis brigham mountain sports. filming and editing by damian doyle of standingsideways. additional filming by featured riders. an insane amount of driving by matt leigh. refreshments and much needed energy from red bull.

thanks to all the awesome slopes who let us film and the riders who turned up. special thanks to riders who turn up to ride and work at dryslopes everyday. i fear we may lose these amazing unique places which not only gave birth to many british pros but simply made snowboarding accessible to many unsuspecting snowboarding addicts including myself. dryslope pricing allows a person who could normally only afford one freestyle session at a dome a week, go snowboarding for a month. please support our dryslopes!

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