Rider Update

Getting our new Team recruit Mamo, straight to work blogging on the site, here’s the first of many reports from the African snowboarding frontline (that’s Afriski!!) from this last weekend.

Yo people

Wats happening my name is Matthew Amoretti and welcome to my blog.

First off a big thank you to Branny from Junkyard distribution for hooking me . Super stoked to be representing Landing Headwear in South Africa.

For those people that don’t know snowboarding is alive and certainly kicking in Southern Africa and i will be providing a updates with regards to anything snowboard related in South Africa and Lesotho.

The snow season has got off to a super slow start both resorts are struggling to make snow, unusually high moisture in the air and warm temps are really making things hard. There has been a couple centimeters of natural snowfall but nothing big enough to shred on. this pic was taken this weekend (20/06/2009).


Its not the greatest pic but you can see there is some snow.

On the snow front this week is looking good super cold dry conditions are expected so the guys are looking to make some good snow so a shred should be on for this weekend.

The park has been laid out we just need some more snow to get it up and running. This year is going to be a bit different than others, you will have to be a memeber of the snowboarder club of Southern Africa to gain access to it. check out http://www.snowboarder.co.za for all the membership details.

The kings cup comp has been postponed to the weekend of the 25th of July to guarantee we have the most amount of snow available, the park design is looking super sweet and will put up some pics as soon as it finalised.

Keep it real guys until the next update.


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