Afriski Park update

Hey guys

Damn its freezing up in Jhb .
Winter is finally upon us. Heavy snowfalls and super cold conditions hit the mountains this past week and it only stopped snowing on Thursday. The temps were so cold that Afriski was able to blow snow during the day first time in their history.


Guys where riding this weekend but the conditions were super patchy as the wind blew all the fresh snow around. There were some good cliff drops to be had and a little off piste freshies could be found.

This is what the cellphone tower looked like after the storm.

cell phone mast

The slope was only open for 200 meters and a few small jibs were dug in. Good news though, my reliable sources have informed me that they made snow for a good 12 hours last night and are looking to make through the day today if the temps stay low enough. This coming weekend should be a goodie, the park will be open and the guys are really trying hard to get the kicker up and running.

I’ll be up there tomorrow for the day so I’ll bring back some more news and a few more pics.

Park opening is going to be on the weekend so pull in from some shred.
Till then

3 Responses to “Afriski Park update”

  1. Please keep on posting messages and pictures overhere. Can’t wait to see more pics from Afriski and more info about the snow conditions. I will be visiting the resort (for skiing) second week in August, so still some time for a few good snowfalls.

  2. souther_shredder Reply July 1, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    Great update, please keep thwese coming. I’m super excited about the coming season

  3. Afriski 2010 bookings are now open.
    Call 0861AFRISKI or email to get your bookings for this season in. It is a Long school holiday, so the resort will be full and pumping!
    Season starts end of May 2010

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