Afriski Weekend update 4-5 June 09

What’s cracking homies?

I’m back from park opening and good news there is a lot of snow!

We also have our first permanent kicker at Afriski and it’s a super sick one! It’s got two lines, a small beginner jump and then a bigger advanced jump. We reshaped the jump on Sunday morning and it ended up being an 8 meter step up. Big enough for some sick cab 5’s front fives and back 5’s to be stomped by Marcin, Rueben and myself. Kat stomped some clean back 3’s! As well as some upside down helicopter spins, he will be releasing a trick tip on how to throw these down!

We only had a single line open this weekend as they are planning on making snow the whole week in the park, so above the kicker was a flat to down box and a single flat box next to it. There was a good session on these two features on Saturday afternoon.

Mike Rassman from scratch media shot some footie and as soon as it’s been edited it be posting it on the blog. Above that we had the big butter box, with a nice drop off on the end.

The weather on Sunday was pretty bad; I think it was my second flat light day ever at Afriski. So the pics I shot came out really bad. As soon as I get some decent ones I’ll put them up.  

When I left the resort on Sunday afternoon it was snowing very lightly so hopefully it got heavier. The snowmakers are hoping to get a few good days of snowmaking in, so we can start laying out the Kings Cup park. This is the design we have come up with and below that is the poster.

kings cup layout

Get your booking in now for it as its gonna be an epic one.  
kings cup

Until later  

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