Weekend Warriors…Afriski Park update

What’s up guys

Just got back from another sick weekend in the Afriski park! The weather has been super cold and the new snow making team have been blowing snow for the past week  for at least 11 hours a day. The weather is staying super cold with another cold front coming through on Wednesday, the first came through on Sunday night bringing around 4cm of freshies.

This pic was taken early sunday morning!

Afrski park

The park is really looking sweet. The setup for this weekend had a double line at the top with the c-box on the left and the big butter box on the right. Below that we had a triple line feature set up with a flat bar down rail on the left, a flat up box and then a flat to down combo on the right.

The kicker landing has been widened so we will be making the take off wider and making it bigger! We did have some clean 7’s thrown down by Rueben on Saturday so with a bigger kicker maybe some switch back 12’s will get thrown down soon!


triple line

We are looking at extending the park up the slope by about 300 meters due to the good snow making! This will allow us to bring more features into the park! We do have some new additions thanks to Oliver Swankhardt. If hooked us us with some super sweet benches at the top of the park so guys can take a seat before dropping in!

Kings cup plans are in full swing and everything is pointing in the direction of it being off the hook and letting Afriski lay claim to having the best snowpark and being the home of snowboarding in Southern Africa!

Registration is open on http://www.snowboarder.co.za  So get online and register!

The new snowboarder deck is nearing completion and the grand opening will be at Kings cup. This deck and club house will be for snowboarder club members so join now to avoid being bounced from the deck of pimpness.


After filming on Saturday i know Mike from scratch media is hard at work editing a clip so keep checking back cause as soon as its done i’ll be posting it right here.

Until next time



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