STOP! Kicker Time

Whats happening peeps

Back from another super sick weekend up at Afriski. Snow making has continued and the slope is looking in the best shape i have ever seen.

The main slope is about 400 meters from reaching the top, the highest its ever been. It should be open from the top for this weekend.

Kings cup preparations are in full swing and so far there are just under 100 registered competitors for skiing and snowboarding. Online registration will be open online till Friday so if you want to pull in and compete get to . The new site just went live to so have a look.

As far as accommodation goes there are still beds available, give afriski a shout.

The slopestyle course is up and rideable with the new addition of the new reshaped 40 foot booter. For those guys with weak knees we have shaped a baby jump so everyone is looked after.


Guys Kings cup is gonna be off the hook this weekend so do pull in if you can!

Until next week



3 Responses to “STOP! Kicker Time”

  1. You dissing my weak knees Mamo!!.. your dropped!!


  2. I like how the deck enters the slope at the beginning of the booters, good idea to call your drop in, loud.

  3. we need to install some robots and a zebra crossing down there to prevent any pedestrians being shredded!!

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