All the Kings Men..Pt 1

Hey All,

sorry for the delay in getting up a review of the weekends carnage… real life keeps getting in the way!! but anyway I’m on the case.. so sit back and enjoy!!

The Kings Cup 2009 Review.

I’m going snowboarding this weekend.. in most countries you may have an eyebrow raised, In South Africa and more especially Cape Town it get’s a gob smacked, jaw dropped look of amazement and confusion.. “you mean sandboarding right?”.. er no snowboarding.. in the mountains.. Lesotho…

Well to all the non believers in the Cape and anywhere else in the world, let me tell you know that snowboarding is alive and kicking in Southern Africa.

the Real African White Stuff!!

the Real African White Stuff!!

The journey to Lesotho is a mission, after a twelve hour drive to Bloemfontein, and then a (short) overnight stop we met up with Capt Kai’s road party for some much needed breakfast and redbull at Bethlehem (no not that one !!) before crossing the border post into Lesotho.

After much snaking of lines through the ques of bus punters, out of date passport drama and general confusion we where into the Mountain Kingdom. Trusting a mixture of Sat Nav and road signs we headed up the mountain roads which slowly decreased in smoothness as they increased in gradient and altitude.

With Marci trying to keep up in his “soccer mom” car we made our way deeper into Lesotho. I have to say the scenery was spectacular, with frozen water falls, snow capped peaks and miles of mountains, it’s truly a wonder of the natural world.

Eventually Marci and posse, caught up and lead us down a small roadway off to the side of the road, Welcome to Club Maluti!!

This was our first time in meeting most of the SA snowboarding crew in the flesh, so handshakes where thrown around and names where finally put to faces and facebook profiles. For those that don’t know, Club Maluti seems to be  mixture of Youth Hostel, Club House, Night club, hotel and DIY restaurant, and is the home of most of the SA’s core riders each weekend throughout the winter season. This weekend it was at full capacity, with disheveled bodies coming from all corners as they shook of the cold and alcohol from the night before.


So after much bro’ing we finished the last 10 minutes of the journey into Afriski.  Despite seeing the photographs and hearing the stories, Afriski is still a site for sore eyes, situated in a valley of green and brown hills, rock formations and vegetation, it’s a strip of white heaven, complete with T bar, board park, lodge, shop and all the other things that we expect at any other resort… only in Africa!!!!

After meeting the JR Ewing of SA Snowsports Peter Peyper (Afriski Boss, Gone Skiing Shop Owner and Snowboarder club organiser) we got shown to our rooms for a quick chill before hitting the slopes.

Our rooms was awesome, despite being a bit noisy at 2am.. (thanks redbull girls!!) due to the metal stairs, it was warm, dry and comfortable which is everything you need after a long day on the road or the slope. After a quick change into shred gear, picking up our lift passes and some food, we dragged our tired asses onto the slope.

The shred where already lapping the lovingly created park, with the likes of Kat, Mamo & Marchi working out there lines and paths to get the most speed on the big kicker. Most of the guys where taking it fairly easy finding their riding feet and feeling the flow of the course. (as they all claim Rueben changes it every week so he get’s it dialled!!)

The Park setup was first class, with great line options through the run, three main sets of jibs lead down to the kicker run in (whose knuckle claimed many a rider over the weekend) before ending the run on the RedBull wallride.

Butter Boxes, Up Down Gap Rails, C Rails, Barrel Bonks are all in attendance, with plenty of opportunity to push progression and style. So big props to Mamo, Rueben and the other Parkies for all their hard work creating this sculpted beauty!! The only thing lacking is a dedicated lift line, as especially during a busy weekend like this the time taken to get riders back to the top of the park was a bit painful (apparently this is on the cards for next season).

The New Deck

The New Deck

After a couple of hours lapping the piste and falling on my face on the butter box, we decided to call it a day, get some food and catch up with some sleep ready for the start of the Fun on Saturday.

to be continued….


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