All the Kings Men..Pt 2

The Kings Cup 2009 Review continued from Pt 1

So bright and early on Saturday morning we crawl out of our lovely warm beds and breathe deep the mountain air… breakfast was the first thing on the agenda, although the option of “liver” was quickly rejected and beans, eggs and toast where consumed with gusto!

Getting out onto the Snowboarder Deck, the temperature was climbing nicely and jackets and eventually hoodies where eventually removed as we where bathed in the sun.

Mawa big Air!!!

Mawa big Air!!!

The shreds all arrived as the morning went on with all the riders lapping the park, the tricks where building in amplitude and style as all the riders found their zen, Mawa Jekot was working really hard hiking her lines over and over again building her confidence as the day progressed. Kat, Mamo, Marchi & Rueben where all proving to be the guy’s to watch and 13 year old Luke was really pushing the envelope, much can be expected from this kids in the future if he keeps pushing himself like this.

Saturday was also gate bashing with both skiers and snowboarders rocking the spandex and sharp edges and taking it all a little too serious….. it’s amazing how the chilled out park rats suddenly become race jocks!!

On Saturday we also flowed Marci Jekot some Landing goodies, so Marci is also representing us as well as DC, Volcom & Electric eyewear in Southern Africa, so expect some interviews and stuff from Marci over the next few weeks.

With the final day of practice and first day of racing out the way it was time to hit the bar!!



I think we had a good night.. in between the Maluti Lager promotion, Kai’s Jonnie Walker force feeding frenzy and some classic dancing from Marci and tales of whippings and barely legal  go-go girls… it left plenty of us with bad heads in the morning!! Ride hard, party hard still seems to be the ethos of snowlife in Africa.. just the way it should be!!

So Sunday hit us with another glorious days weather.. with the media whores getting in front of the cameras for their slots on SABC, E and boardriders TV and Marci being asked to keep his goggles on so not to scare the viewer, the stage was set for the Slopestyle showdown.

With Brett Lang, Ryan from Locally Whipped Magazine and myself on the judges bench (with Kai laying down the law and rules) slopestyle got under way, with three runs for all the girls, and two runs with a top twelve final for the guys.



Mawa Jekot tore the course apart, with none of the other girls getting much look in, Mawa finished in first place with a clean pressed out line through the park, consisting of backside boardslides on the gap and huge mute and methods on the kickers Mawa’s riding is of an international standard, that isn’t saying that the other girls weren’t riding hard with others like Kerry-Lynn Van Randen also riding clean and pulling into second place.

A lot of the guys suffered from the judges deductions, with 30 points (out of a total 100) being allocated to landings, many riders hopes where dashed by some small falls that put them on their backsides and losing the full 30 points, this lead to a little controversy as some clean less impressive runs made it through to the last round, whilst some more progressive riding that resulted in a slam didn’t feature.



That being said, despite a few exceptions there where four riders to watch in the last round.. Mamo rode a great line, with a huge 540 on the kicker, and some really nice boardslide on the rails… unfortunatly he got spat out by the butter box at the top that cost him his podium place.

Kat had been riding hard all day with some rad rail tricks, 50-50 to frontside boardslides and some solid tweaked nose grabs on the kicker allowed him to squeeze into 3rd Spot, Parkie Rueben has got the biggest spins in Africa, with some huge 7’s and 5’s slotting him nicely into 2nd place.

But first place was saved for the man with the biggest hangover, Marci pulled out his infamous Rodeos in the final and pushed the technical level above the others to walk away with the top slot and a big bag of prizes.

is it a it a plane..... no it's drunken rodeo man!!!

is it a it a plane..... no it's drunken rodeo man!!!

So that’s about it… 2700km’s, 32hours on the road, a huge hangover, one flat tyre and Snowboarding South African Style!!

Big congrat’s to all the winners, MC Alunni the Italian Stallion for his vocal skillz in the final, the freeskiers who nailed themselves on the kicker for our viewing pleasure, all the other sponsors for supporting SA snowsports, and a massive well done to all the guys who worked hard on the course and the event as a whole (especially Peter & Oliver) I can’t wait for next year!!

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  1. That Kerry-Lynn Van Randen chick is soooooo sexy! Damn! What an impressive rider too, woop woop!

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