kings cup update

yo yo yo whats cracking peeps

Sorry been quiet for a while, recovering from the kings cup took a while!

Yes it was that good, the park was epic the weather was warm and the event was off the hook.

Mamo Red Bull Wall-Ride

Mamo Red Bull Wall-Ride

I arrived early on Thursday morning to give the park some final touches and make sure Rueben and Wayde had done a decent job, which indeed they had. Everything was to plan! First features were the down flat bar rail and the big butter box, then into a barrel bonk or c-box, then we decided to keep the triple line, which changed slightly from before. We changed the down flat down box’s into an up to down box, the up box remained and the down box rail remained. This then rolled you into the same 35 footer with the smaller option on the right. Last was the red bull wall ride.

The weather started of badly with one of the most insane blizzards rolling through on Sunday night, with winds nearly blowing us off the mountain.  Once the wind had stopped blowing the temp dropped to 16 below. No too cool when the gas heater runs out of fuel!

From Friday the weather only got better and so did the ridding. Guys were going huge. The sevens started to be spun off the kicker until i went 600 to heel edge on the knuckle, ooooosh not cool.

Spandex & Sharp Edges??

Spandex & Sharp Edges??

Saturday was race day with the snowboarder dual slalom going down. Every year i think even the hardest park rats pull out there race suits and carve up a storm. Chris ‘3 peet’ Amoretti was going for his 4 peet but he was beaten by a skier in the semis, so that dream was shattered. I managed the quarters, the blunt edges just don’t make carving on ice that easy.

Sunday slopestyle was epic. Redbull came to the party with the redbull start gate which made the park look even more pro than it already did.

In total we had 42 competitors which is the biggest in slopestyle history. A big shout out has to go to the 13 yr old grom Luke who absolutely killed it. Look out for this kid he is ripping it up hard.

Marchi took top honours, with Rueben close behind and kat rounding off the podium. They rode really well and deserved it. Lets not ask how my riding was…..

Big ups to Marchi as well for joining the Landing SA team.

Hanging on the deck!

Hanging on the deck!

Now that the comps are over it doesn’t mean stop snowboarding. It jsut means we can rip the park up and build some seriously sick features for filming. This weekend we already have some new Scrath signature jibs being built and will be having a night shoot on Sat!

You will have to wait for pics next week to see exactly what was built.

If you coming riding this weekend see you on the mountain.

Until next time


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