and its over!

yo Peeps

Whats cracking, sorry been off the radar for a while.

The Spring time riding has kept me busy shooting some pics and shooting some ducks!!


The past couple weeks have been the sickest of the season, if you managed to get up to the resort you would have seen the park change every weekend. 3 meter snow spines and on average a 40 foot kicker or two set up.

Ruben really showed what we are capable of in SA/Lesotho. Our park this year could really compare to what is offered in an overseas resort, maybe without a kicker line, but next year it will be there.

The snow has been epic thanks to the guys at Afriski and this enabled the season to run into September. The slope was consistently the longest its ever been. I think if you are willing to hike you might get two more weekends in!

Over the past couple seasons we have been throwing an idea around called the big Huck, basically taking all the left over snow and pushing it into one massive kicker. This year it finally happened.

We didnt need to steal much snow as we had more than enough left on the kicker and the slope.

Reuben sculpted a 45 foot monster that could only be ridden between 8 and 10 in the morning and once the sun had gone down. No one was gonna hit it in the dark so early mornings it was.

So with the resort half closed, no lift ques and a random punter family sharing the slope with us the Huck was on. The drop in for the kicker was half way up the slope and with our t-shirts flapping in the wind some super huge tricks were being thrown down!


Mike was there to capture it all so look out for a new edit from the best film company in the world dropping soon.

Big ups to everyone that pulled through for it.

Now that the season is over we have some much planned for next year. The snowboarder club house will be complete before the end of the year and the summer dirt works will commence once all the snow has melted. We will be adding a three kicker line to the park and extending it up the slope by another 300 meters.

So pay your membership fees and get all your friends to do the same, next year will be off the hook.

If you are heading north for the summer enjoy it!!

Until next time


One Response to “and its over!”

  1. I agree, this was a great season and the park was absolutely awesome. The highlight was getting snowed in and waking up to 40 cm of fresh snow 3 days straight,. Thanks to the crew, Ruben and the rest of the Afriski team for a great season. Now getting ready for the northern hemisphere season and looking forwad to Afriski 2010….

    P.S. The gap of death was awesome….


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