After Neverland

This blog post has been sat half finished for nearly two months so I really apologies for being such a slack bastard!!

So anyway, 7th November saw the Premiere of Absinthes Neverland in Jo’burg, the excuse for a party…. not that the South African Shreds need one, was SA’s sickest Ski & Board Store Gone Skiing was having it’s ‘FIRST’ birthday party!!

It’s the first time we’ve made it to the Jo’Burg shop and it didn’t fail to impress, especially when we pulled up the crowd of expectant punters and well wishers were already enjoying the free Jagermeister and Redbull shots and checking out the sounds being pumped out by the Red Bull Mobile Sound System from the car park behind the deck..


Shop owner Pete Peyper was dashing around the place making sure all the final details where in place and trying to get enough current out of already overloaded plug sockets without tripping the circuit of the shopping centre!!

Third World electricity supply sorted, a gallon of Jager-RedBulls and beer was time to kick of the films, first up was Seppi’s Love Distribution team Movie Loveolution which warmed up the massing crowds nicely for the main event!!

The crowd gathered around the big screen, jostled for a decent position, prize giving from a recent competition that we organised with the Snowboarder Club (well done to Stefan Rassmann and the other dude who’s name I completely forgot..hope you enjoy your Landing Goodies)… and then it was time for Neverland

What a movie…perfect powder, breathtaking scenery and sick shredding….. it left everyone totally stoked for snow, which is a bit unfortunate when your trapped in Gautang in November, so all that was left to do after the film was revert back to our second favorite pass time, drinking and talking shit!! Which we we managed to do till the small hours of the morning.

A big thanks to all those that helped make this event happen and believed us when we said SA had a keen shred scene, especially Kelli and Brusti at Absinthe for hooking us up with such a sick film, Seppi and the guys at Love, all the other Sponsors, Landing, Rogue Snowboards, Oakley SA, the Snowboarder Club of SA, the media shy non-sponsors Red Bull, and an extra special thanks to Peter and all the Staff at Gone Skiing!!

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