Seasons in The Abyss

This is the first of a new series of Blogs on Junkyard Distribution, Local SA Rider Nicholas Amoretti is chasing the snow, after winter enjoying the park at Afriski, Nick has headed over seas to Europe to cook posh meals for rich skiers and to get his shred on as much as possible.

We hope this gives some of you guys who have thought about doing a season some motivation and ideas about what a great experience it can be. Keep you’re eyes open for more blogs from Nick during the coming months!!

For the next few months I’ll be calling the town of Val  D’isere my home! Its in the French Alps and on the boarder of Italy! The town sits at 1850 so the snow is always good!

I work for a chalet company who run about 7 chalets across the French Alps! I work as a chef and its a pretty sweet job! I get about 4 hours a day on the mountain, so all in all its pretty awsome job!

This last week I spent working in Meribel as a cleaner, been a pretty awsome week! Working on average of 2 and a half hours a day and the rest of the day spent on the mountain!

Had about 4 blue bird days this last week and was out on all of them!

Another Bluebird Day in The Alps

This is my 3rd season out in the alps, my second in Val D’isere! You don’t come by many south africans out here, mainly English! But you do come across the odd saffa.

There are tons of chalet company’s to work for! Anything from the cheap holidays to the up market chalet company’s. Depending on the chalet company depends on your pay, the cheap company’s will pay you between 40 and 80 pounds a week and the more up market company’s you looking at anything between 150 to 300 pounds a week depending on your job! The top paying jobs are chefs and managers but these are not the easiest!

Working as a chef I manage my own time! I usually work on average of 10 hours a day with about a four hour break in between. Its a hard job but its completely worth it when you standing at the top of an un tracked bowl on a perfect blue bird day getting ready to drop in! And there’s no greater feeling of ridding waist deep powder! The best feeling ever!

Over the next few months I’ll be giving you guys un update of the happenings in resort and stories of the mountains!

Sweet ass!

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