New Blog Comrade

South African Snow Chaser Nicholas Amoretti, spent his week with Russian hookers.. well at least till his girl arrived in Val!! Check out this weeks update from our Comrade in the Alps

I’ve gone from one week off, to a week of work to another week off!!! This is the life 🙂

Our Russian guests were pretty chilled this last week! Turns out only one of them was a hooker 🙂
All in all there were 6 of them for the week and all they seemed to do was drink and get high and partied hard!

They arrived late Sunday night and then told us on Thursday night they would be leaving on Friday! So was a short week! Only cooked dinner for them on 3 of the 5 nights! Most of the time they were in town getting drunk!!

Was a pretty exciting week otherwise, on Thursday my girlfriend arrived! Took the 24hr long journey to come and see me!! It was awsome to see her, she’s here till saturday the 6th so a good week and a half. I did promise her after last season I would never do another season but I guess not!! 🙂

On friday night we all were up at the chalet chilling out, had some dinner used the hot tub,watched some tv! Nothing better then chilling in luxury like that! We spent the next night pretty much doing the same!

The Company I work for has 2 chalets in Val D’isere! Chalet Elephant Blanc, where I work and Chalet Montana! Now Chalet Montana is quite the pimping place, they got a pool on the bottom floor, awesome views and a sauner! On Sunday there guests left and like us they also got the week off! So what any sensible people would do in a ski resort, we had a pool party! Started off quite civilised having dinner and wine in the chalet, then the jaggermiester came out and everyone was in the pool!

It was an awesome night! Going from the sauner to the snow to the pool, there was even a little girl on girl action happening in the corner! What more could you ask for 🙂

Woke up the next morning to a huge hang over and one hell of a mess!

This week we on holiday again! And its forecast to snow for most of it! Watching it snow as I type from the comfort of my own personal chalet!

Anyway, I’ll catch you all next week!

Ride for yourself and no one else!

Peace out!

6 Responses to “New Blog Comrade”

  1. Dude, do you even snowboard anymore?

  2. i am noting the lack of riding shots going into his blog……. 😀

  3. ya well, thought id let you guys know what we did on our weeks off!

  4. haha.. weeks off…. not much work being done so far …lucky git 😉

  5. surely you ride on your week off?

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