Transform(ers) Shredders in di-gloves

As I announced a week or so back, I’m stoked to be looking after sales of Transform Gloves in SA this winter.

I first got interested in Transform when I interviewed the mastermind behing the brand Tom Kingsnorth for UK blogozine Fear of The Park, a couple of years ago.

Loads of UK shreds set up beanie companies and Tee Shirts Brands, but Tom had a vision of making gloves, a product that’d never really been tryed in Europe, with the likes of Burton & Dakine being the old guard and US brands like Grenade and Drop chomping at Europe, it was great to see someone with a vision to do something new and brave.

So anyway to cut a long story short when Tom got in touch to ask if i’d like to spread the love down in SA, i thought it’s be a cool thing to do, Transform sit nicely alongside my other brands…and I’d just bought a pair i liked them so much!!

So the hand warmers are on there way, we’ve got three styles for you’re pleasure..

firstly a really limited amount of  the spring/slush neoprene jazz hand the Mismatch

and then the full on cold weather mission mitts..called..well The Mitt!!

and finally the sexy purple love beast called The Photo Incentive

Prices are gonna be kept as cheap as possible, just waiting to find out how much the nice man from Customs is gonna charge me for import duty and then we’ll announce the deals.

All purchases will get a fantastic diecut Transform Sticker and the benefit of being a Kool Kat!!

New Team rider Robbie Alunni will be repping both the Mitts and the Photo Incentives so go shake his hand on the slope!!

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