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Yo Yo

With winter fast approaching and everyone hopefully getting super amped for the up coming season I thought I would give you an inside to keep the stoke up.

So while summer has been keeping you stuck by your pool or shredding in the North if you are lucky enough Afriski has been a buzz with activity. In all the years I have been going up their pre-season I have never seen this many construction vehicles and builders. It’s so sick to see. I think this year if winter doesn’t come early and spoil all the work going on everyone will be blown away.The new restaurant and main bar aswell as the extension of the ski shop are well underway and looking pretty interesting… The new and improved Gondola Cafe is going to be the pimpest building on the mountain by a long way.

The architects of justice have really given it a face lift and we should expect it to be the centre of the apre’ party.

The snowboarder club house will hopefully be complete for the season so pay your membership and join the club

Check out the new Afriski website for all the rates and dates of events coming up this season.

Quiksnow is happening again so book now to avoid missing out on that one!!

Right now to the most important of updates the park.

Our little yellow excavator driven by mastermind John Deere, no jokes that’s his name is working steadily to transform the mountain side and his first task of changing the big air is complete.

This little jump is now ready to handle a 60 foot booter if we so require. The park will be extended up the slope by another 40 meters. We are not going to be including any new rails….. well maybe one or two but those will be surprise’s. The idea behind this years park is to include a lot more jumps, bigger ones at the bottom and smaller ones throughout the park. I think guys in SA never get to hit jumps so if we can incorporate more into the park I think we can definitely push everyone’s riding.

As more work is completed I will post more pics.

Oh yea guys look out for details of the sale at gone skiing, I hear its going to be a goodie.

Sweet be back after Easter with some more pics.


3 Responses to “Afriski Shred news”

  1. looks good Mamo…

    hope the jumps are built gentle for my old man knees!!

  2. Hi There,

    Any new pics since Easter?

    Would love to see pics about new stuff at Afriski.


  3. more coming really soon!!

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