Good to be back

Yo Yo

What it is peeps, long time…

Well im back, had a good shred in Le France with my little brother, hope everyone enjoyed his interesting blog updates.

He was living the life, had the sickest backyard, two resorts and 98 lifts to choose from. Insane terrain, unfortunately we didn’t get any freshies but the snow conditions were epic. Saw a little of  X-games Europe slopestyle and super pipe. The frenchies really did pull one out the bag, the slopestyle course was insane. But like all good euro resorts they bashed it down before anyone else could do anything.

The party in Val d’sere was pretty sick too, every day from 3 till 5 this epic place called the Volle Douche yes its full of douche, goes off right near the Val park so after lapping the whole day what better way to go wind down, have a few beers and head down the mountain MFMing people.

The Val park was the highlight of the time we had there, with every secret spot tracked out there wasnt much else left to do but piste bash so the park was the place to ride.

The set up was pretty mellow but had some super fun lines to try, and nice set of big kickers. The features ranged from mellow flat box’s to pretty insane s-box’s.

Val was defiantly a place I would shred again super fun.


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