Test and Destroy

Looks like I’ve managed to blag myself a last little trip to the Northern Hemisphere to shred at the UK Snowboard Test in Kaunertal, Austria at the start of May.

The Boardtest is a yearly spectacle where the UK shred industry, distro’s, shops, team riders and hangers on go and play on all of next years stock with a view of selling/educating.. having a shed load of fun.

Anyways it’s usually a blast, either slush or pow, cold or sunny with a stack of parties and industry hob knobbing.

If anyone has any boards or kit they’d like me to try and take a look at, ride or steal…hit me up and we’ll see what I can do.

2 Responses to “Test and Destroy”

  1. PLease bring me the new YES 154!
    SWeet thanks

  2. yeah no worries, i’ll stick it in a condom and swollow it!! 😉

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