SA Season kick-off

Yo Yo Yo

Winter is finally here and it’s kicking in with a bang. I think it’s snowing in the cape as I type this and well Afriski is looking nice and white after a few snowfalls on the weekend.

So the resort was officially opened to the public from  Saturday and the new snow making pumps are finally installed and tested which should give the snow makers enough juice to get from top to bottom in about two days, pretty intense! The new sled was unpacked this week, well it’s not new but at least we have a sled, so those shoots and comps can look like the X-Games with guys being towed up and down.

From the pic im sure you can see the lack of snow on the newly revamped dirt kicker but with cold weather moving in this week and overnight lows of -15c i have managed to use my powers of persuasion to get our snow makers to point that lovely fan gun right into the park.

At the moment there are two flat box features set up, the slope is only running 300 meters.

But by the weekend we should have some more features set up.

Go check out the new Afriski website for a more updates

Remember guys pay your snowboarder club membership fees and get your bookings for Quiksnow in 1-4 August its going to be off the hook.


2 Responses to “SA Season kick-off”

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the update. Lets hope the snowmaking crew can have both the park and main slope covered by the end of the month. Cant wait

  2. Board waxed and ready to go!!!

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