Weekend update 26-27/06/2010

With the temperature rising to a sweltering 14 degrees centigrade we missioned up to Afriski to see what the wonderful snow makers had come up with and we weren’t disappointed.

The slope is up at lift tower 6 and the park is about half open, really not bad considering we weren’t even riding this time last year.

The big air is open and a few features have been dug in. So some good shred can be had for all.

This weekend saw the first of what is going to be a series of signature features being built on Saturday evening to be sessioned on Sunday morning, a little idea myself and Mike at scratch came up with just to make this years video that much more interesting. This weekend was the cannon bonk feature.

It proved to be quite a challenging one but Errol Technine Kraus managed to kill it throwing down one of the cleanest front 1 to switch back 1 nose bonk’s I have ever seen.

Look out for a new feature this Sunday.

Remember Kings cup and Quiksnow are rapidly approaching so get your bookings in now so you aren’t disappointed.

Look out for new updates and video’s sooon.


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