Team Rider Weekend Update

It feels good to be back!

Hit up Afriski this last weekend and I got to say it is shaping up to be an epic season! How do I know? Well in previous years the park was always a bit of an after-thought, this year the park is the same length as the slope and definitely getting the attention it deserves! Thanks to Matt, Ruben and the team we’ve already got a line of kickers and some fun jibs.

It’s good to be riding again, lapping the park with the Matt and the crew, we hit the first “street style” down box with some nice frontside lipslides, working on cab tricks on the second jump and loving the bottom kicker – even after the mandatory slams – but what do you expect for first ride of the season? Special mention to Chris for his spectacular banana induce backflip attempt and even more to grom Luke who landed his first frontside 3.

If you were wondering whether its worth going up, I defo recommend it. It’s warm, the sun shines everyday, the snow is awesome and the park is epic. I’ve been lucky enough to ride quite a few resorts, but I got to admit there’s no place quite like Afriski.

As for what’s coming up this weekend, it’s arguably the biggest event happening in Southern Africa on Saturday morning. The competitors will all be international (passports can prove it), the crowds will be flocking (or is that the crowds will be a flock?) and there’ll be more spins and rolling around than your average soccer match. Yes yes, its the King’s Cup. See you there

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