Kings cup rider update

So am Im sure of all you have read form Branny’s updates Kings Cup went off this year.

We put together a really interesting park which had three jumps compared to the single jump we have always had. This tested every ones riding ability and really tested guys to mix there run up and try new tricks.

The set up was a flat box rail as the first feature into a combo of a small jump, the smallest of the three and the barrel bonk. It was pretty challenging set up as the down box didn’t leave the riders with much room before the next feature was upon them.

After the combo we had the disco box which in order to clear the next feature speed had to be taken off the box. Some nice combo spins and cab tricks were thrown in here.

The next feature was the second of the three jumps. Not a massive kicker but with a decent gap to clear it did spook a few riders. We included a canon box for the guys that didn’t have a big bag of jump tricks.

Second last was the 8 meter kicker which in the final runs was destroyed by Reuben throwing down the cleanest switch back 5 and landing pretty much at the bottom of the tranny.

With the wall ride only having its refurbish finished a few day prior to the event it was left out and a snow spine with a c-box planted in the top took its place. It was a super technical feature and not a favourite amongst the competitors.

Some new faces appeared on the podium which is always good but I have to make a special mention to the grom who dominated the juniors section and I think will start beating the older guys soon – Luke Dutton

I think the pic below proves this.

Broken hand from a slam the weekend before wasn’t scared to throw down some huge front 3’s and 5’s

Thanks to Pete and Oliver from Snowboarder for putting on another sick comp and to my park crew for putting up a sick setup with the little snow we have.

Quiksnow next so expect some big changes in the park for this one is going to be huge!


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