Homies get together!!

So a few weeks ago the guys through on a little shindig to celebrate a few special birthdays… over to Robbie for the words……..

The party was organised by Gone Skiing and was combined with both the store and fellow team rider Matt’s birthday. We also premiered Homies 3 (which by the way has some epic riding in it), but what was more interesting is that the name of the movie is a reflection of what it means to be a snowboarder no matter where you are in the world. Having your friends or homies to share the stoke of riding some powder or hitting up some kickers in a park, is just as important as having friends join you for an epic party.

What is cool about the local snowboard scene is that everyone is part of the crew. The theme for the party was “Homies” and everyone made an effort to dress up in their most “thugging” gear. That goes to show how everyone makes an effort to make things happen (although to some people dressing with tall T’s and XXL jeans comes naturally).

The riding in the movie was awesome, definitely raised many questions of “… so where you going riding this year?” and was just what was needed in the quiet season for us. I know after watching it that I’m super amped and have already begun to make plans for the Northern winter. There’s also some awesome developments at our local resort and I’m hoping for an even better season in 2011.

Thanks to Branny for getting us an awesome moving, to keep the stoke up. Also big thanks to Pete “the Don” and Matt for organising an awesome party.

And a big thanks to FX from advitawear for his help getting me in touch with Nico from the Homies crew who let us show the film!!

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