Slopestyle Qualifiers : World Champ LaMolina

Oliver sent us a little message today about Mawa’s entry into the world champs at LaMolina, the comp has since been delayed due to the weather, but we’ll keep you in the loop as we get info (or Oliver can get his cold fingers to work).

Hey Guys,

Today at 2pm is Mawa’s qualification run for the World Snowboard Champs and she’s riding in bib 2 in a field of 28 women. Our Afro-Molina jokes have died down because the weather turned and the temp will be around -16C with winds of up to 65km/h today which isn’t great for Mawa who must face quiet a gnarly slopestyle course as it is.

Win, draw or lose, today’s qualifiers are going to be an exciting day for us. We are waving the only African flag at the comp which is dominated by European and American riders. It’s also a bit nail biting for slopestyle itself because this whole format will also be under review by an Olympic panel to see if it’s worth introducing as a new Olympic discipline. Personally it’s also feels quiet good because we stand here on the shoulders of a really big and passionate effort of many of you guys at home and it’s good to be reminded that passion and hope still flow.

Mawa has shown big heart and composure to roll into this course in Spain because its pretty woes. This event was unexpected and not part of the plan but we’ve also got a great coach in Iztok who gave her a motivational talk last night that nearly had me strapping on a board to show the sceptics that Africa can compete in snow !

Hold thumbs for Mawa and I’ll get back to you once the craziness is over and we know how today went.


Good luck Mawa

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