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A few weeks ago, I took a trip out to Bardonecchia in the Turin province of Italy to go get my snowboard fix for the summer, that’s the southern hemisphere summer.

I don’t think it was long enough because I feel I didn’t satisfy my snowboard craving all that much it just made me consider moving to Italy.

Anyway that aside Bardonecchia happens to be the home of an independent snowboard brand founded in Italy by real Italian snowboarders. This brand is non-other than Rough Snowboards. Anyone familiar with the South African snowboard scene would have seen these boards for sale in Gone Skiing.  Last year’s boards were a hit with the” better than sex” board being a standout.

Rough have always been a bit different with their boards, from the sizing XS, S, M, L compared to your regular 152, 155, 157 way of sizing boards.

Two seasons ago they introduced the foundation series, which is there reverse camber board or inverted camber and completely did away with any regular camber boards.

I had the pleasure of shredding the L board from both season and I was blown away – the boards were awesome!

While in Bardonecchia Pete” Don King” Pyper from gone skiing organised us a demo of all of next year’s Rough boards, how nice is the Don!

So for the 10 days we spent ripping up the Bardonecchia spring pow- which in no short supply and the slushy park – we had brand spanking new boards to do it on.

Davide who is new to the team of pro shreds on Rough arrived at our door with 7 boards to test. The XS, S, M, L from the foundation series and three new boards from the just unveiled Revolution series. (next year’s catalogue)

The Foundation series is based on the same boards as previous seasons with boards having a hammer head construction, inverted camber and anti-shock wooden core. These boards are super good, super soft for buttery presses and yet they have pop that just appears out of no-where. The new graphics are super cool to. They have turned snowboarding into art with these boards letting you sketch the mountain, slash the mountain, mark the mountain and let you emphasise the mountain. When you take a look through their catalogue you will understand what I mean.

The Revolution series is where the guys from Rough have seriously taken it to the next level. These boards have some serious tech….double kink camber, skate kick, true wood core and pop sickle?

Let’s start on the first, Double kink Camber: Rough call it the rocker for freestyle abuse, the board is flat in the middle and just after your bindings it kinks up like a skateboard. App it enables you to lock more easily onto rails and be more aggressive on kickers.

Skate kicks, well Rough calls them – F****ing cool, I agree who knows why??

True Wood core, I think this speaks for itself nothing but wood in this core.

Pop sickle, Rough have introduced carbon Kevlar inserts into the tip and tail which they say will make your ollies look like a frozen lolly. These little pieces of pop magic give some serious boost when you snap that Ollie of anything.

The revolution series boards have to be one of the most amazing boards I have ever ridden, both in pow and the park. The response and feel are like riding a skateboard on snow.

Rough have really outdone themselves with this range of boards.

There are three in the series, the Cruncher –S2 (151), Molotov-M2 (154) and the Megaphone-L2 (157).

I think anyone that can get their hands on one of these new Rough boards will be pleasantly surprised.

The boards will all be available at Gone skiing in the next few months so give them a holla and reserve yours now.

Oh and remember DIY OR DIE.

One Response to “Rough Snowboards 2012 Test”

  1. Hey Matt,
    great review, could’nt have written it better myself..:) sorry couldnt make it up to bardo the week you guys were there..
    marco rough snowboards

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