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Markass the Movie

The best of Markass Mondays Full Movie!!!!!! 16 and a bit minutes of mini movie shred fun!!!            

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Just another Markass Monday……

The latest update from the VideoGrass Crew down in Bear Mountain…. This week a bunch of the VG crew headed down to Bear to rip around and film with Markass. We got Nick Dirks, Justin Bennee, Harrison Gordon, Lance Hakker, Darrell Mathes, Deadlung, Daniel Brown, Chris Bradshaw, Will Bateman, and Chad Tarbell.    

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Yeah it’s Markass Monday!!

Check out some badass shredding from Bear Mountain with Chad Tarbell, Ryan Tarbell, Daniel Brown, Chris Bradshaw, Lenny Mazzotti, Justin Mulford, Jonas Michilot, & Cory Donoho dropping some hammers !!        

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