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Hoot from the Boardroom!!

We had a Junkyard SA AGM last night in Fourways, Mamo, Robbie and myself where there, along with Peter from Goneskiing. We had some big decisions to make…. boned or boneless chicken?? curly fries or wedges , and what spices to have on the wings…. damn these are some hard choices!! needless to say, the […]

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Sunday Shred

Well a lot of you will of been hitting Afriski for the first time this weekend so hopefully we’ll have some Blog posts from Mamo and Robbie early next week, in the mean time here’s a couple of edits from the rest of the world to get you stoked for a shred if you have […]

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Legend of the Partysnake

The Partysnake is no myth. He’s the real deal and if you’re not careful he will get you. He’s everywhere, watching patiently waiting for a slip up, and opportunity to attack. You may not think you know what the Partysnake is, you may think you’re safe from his potent strike, but there’s a good chance […]

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