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kings cup update

yo yo yo whats cracking peeps Sorry been quiet for a while, recovering from the kings cup took a while! Yes it was that good, the park was epic the weather was warm and the event was off the hook.

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The No Show Snow!

For the smart cookies out there in web land, you may realise that this weekend was meant to be opening weekend of the Snowboarder Park at Afriski… Unfortunatly it seems that not enough of the good stuff has fallen on Lesotho yet so opening weekend is a little postponed.. Keep ’em locked on the site […]

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Afriski Sneak Peak

We’re all on edge waiting for the snow to hit, the temperatures seem to be getting around to the right area so we just need the snow godz to play their part, to add to the stiring of anticipation we’ve just recieved a couple of snaps of  all the toys & jibs ready to be […]

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